Debuts Next Generation AC Induction Motor Drive Software

ARMONK, NY JANUARY 29, 2013 – AC Kinetics, Inc. announced today that the company will debut its new AC motor drive control software at the 2013 ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C. on February 25-27 in Booth 604. AC Kinetics President Neil Singer, PhD said “We are very excited about showing our latest motor control technology, which has already received accolades from several industry experts who reviewed hardware demonstrations in our lab.” AC Kinetics will present test results showing the energy consumption and performance of a hardware implementation of their solution in relation to several leading AC drives presently on the market. The software is now available for licensing and is fully compatible with industry standard drive hardware. Along with the energy savings and increased performance, the software enables motors to operate cooler which helps extend motor life. Electric vehicles will experience a significant increase in driving range as dynamic energy demands are dramatically reduced without loss of performance. The AC Kinetics drive software requires no hand tuning to achieve all of the superior benefits. The technology is presently targeted at large AC induction motor applications in the industrial, transportation and consumer markets. Drives that are capable of firmware upgrades in the field can be easily converted to the AC Kinetics control architecture. Dr. Singer’s personal EV, the new Tesla Model S, Motor Trend and Automobile Magazine 2013 Car of the Year, will be on display in the booth.

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