ARMONK, NY, February 21, 2013 – Two of the world’s leading experts in motor control technology have thrown their support behind a new energy-saving software from AC Kinetics, Inc. that helps motors run more efficiently while simultaneously improving performance.

“After reviewing the AC Kinetics runtime algorithms and observing the performance that these algorithms produce, I can say with confidence that the AC Kinetics induction machine controller produces very substantial energy savings and excellent tracking performance,” says Professor Warren Seering of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). “Their approach is entirely different from anything I’ve seen before. I was very impressed,” adds Dr. Seering, who is the MIT Weber Shaughness Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems.

“We have developed several algorithms for electric motor control that reduce energy consumption by 10% to 40%, while simultaneously improving motor performance,” explains Dr. Neil Singer, president of AC Kinetics, Inc. “Our new green technology for motor drives could help eliminate as much as 26 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually from the air we breathe.”

An independent motor controller efficiency study at MIT’s Laboratory for Manufacturing Productivity (LMP) found that AC Kinetics motor drive software significantly outperformed other motor control technologies when compared on physical motors against some of the world’s leading motor controllers.

“AC Kinetics makes the final step to simultaneously achieve fast torque response and ensure optimal efficiency operation at each time instant of the switched PWM frequency,” says Dr. Thomas A. Lipo, Fellow IEEE, NAE and RAEng, a leading expert on motor and controller technology. “Since this innovation merely adds steps to the computer code, it promises to be a low-cost addition that achieves appreciable energy savings for the user. Clearly, I believe this what the industry wants.”

“We are now engaged with heavy industry end-users, energy engineers, EHS specialists, and motor drive manufacturers in response to announcing our new electric motor drive software,” says Dr. Singer. “Our new software runs on standard drive hardware and delivers the highest performance and lowest energy consumption simultaneously, automatically saving energy, reducing carbon emissions and lowering motor temperature.”

AC Kinetics research shows that most motors are oversized for their application in order to provide an operational safety margin, with many operating at less than full load, leaving considerable room for large-scale energy savings and a fast ROI.

The new technology benefits all AC induction motor applications, including industrial machinery, elevators, pumps, and air conditioning, plus electric transportation including trains and vehicles.

The AC Kinetics software is now available for licensing. The firm will showcase their technology at the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in Washington DC, February 25-27, in Booth 604.

Dr. Singer and his team have a 25-year history of successfully developing and commercializing state-of-the-art motor control algorithms that are used in hundreds of millions of machines worldwide to reduce residual vibrations and acoustics.

AC Kinetics, Inc. licenses advanced technologies and software to today’s high technology industries.