MIT-Tested Green Tech Lowers Energy Costs and Emissions for Manufacturers
Trial Drives Demonstrate Highest Motor Performance and Energy Efficiency

April 10, 2014, Armonk, NY — AC Kinetics, Inc. a developer of energy efficient motion-control and vibration reduction technology for motors, has released its first modular software library for variable speed drives (VSDs). AC Kinetics’ software enables a significant reduction in the energy used by AC induction motors as compared to those controlled by traditional VSD software.

“We have developed several algorithms for electric motor control that reduce energy consumption in large motors, averaging 10% across a range of applications while simultaneously improving motor performance,” explains Dr. Neil Singer, president of AC Kinetics, Inc. “Our technology enables motors to run cooler, and therefore last longer. Since 46% of global electricity is consumed by electric motors, most of which are oversized for their application, our technology can substantially reduce the world’s electric bill, and cut carbon pollution from power plants.”

The company has installed its software library for several drive makers and manufacturing entities onto drives designed for AC Kinetics by the Oztek division of Semikron.  The custom drives are configurable for control of AC induction motors ranging from 1 HP to 400 HP. Additional drives will be made available for trial evaluations in the field upon request.

The software library now available from AC Kinetics enables drives to dynamically adapt to any application, eliminating wasted energy and ensuring reliable motor performance.  Included are routines that automatically configure the real-time algorithms for superb dynamic control and optimal energy efficiency with the “push of a button,” requiring no user hand tuning.

The software library released today as an application programming interface (API) makes the AC Kinetics technology compatible with existing drive hardware and facilitates easy installation by drive maker licensees on their AC motor drive products.

In tests conducted at MIT’s Laboratory for Manufacturing Productivity (LMP), AC Kinetics motor control software was compared to premier commercial drives from entities representing 70% of the AC drive market by measuring their performance and energy consumption.  The results confirmed that the AC Kinetics real-time algorithms deliver superior control performance, maximal motor efficiency and energy savings.

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