• AC Kinetics

    AC Kinetics developed proprietary motor drive software that increases AC induction motor performance and energy efficiency simultaneously, overcoming a major industry roadblock. The algorithms run in real time on standard hardware for consumer, industrial, and transportation motorized equipment.

    AC Kinetics
  • AC Kinetics Team

    AC Kinetics is comprised of a team of MIT PhDs and other professionals with over 25 years of experience developing and successfully commercializing motor control technology. NASA, NSF, and the DOE have previously funded the AC Kinetics team.

    AC Kinetics Team
  • Previous Work

    Since 1989, the AC Kinetics team has developed advanced technologies for such entities as:

    » NASA
    » Westinghouse/DOE
    » Seagate Technologies
    » Walt Disney Company
    » Agilent/HP
    » Danaher
    Previous Work
  • After reviewing the AC Kinetics runtime algorithms and observing the performance that these algorithms produce, I can say with confidence that the AC Kinetics induction machine controller produces very substantial energy savings as well as excellent tracking performance. Their approach is entirely different from anything that I'd seen before. I was very impressed. –Professor Warren Seering Weber-Shaughness Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems Massachusetts Institute of Technology