Independent Test Results — Advanced Energy NIST-Certified Laboratory

Comparative tests were performed on AC induction motors ranging from 5 hp to 200 hp at Advanced Energy (AE) an independent NIST-certified motor and drive lab owned by Duke Energy. The AC Kinetics algorithm was tested against the newest VSDs from leading drive manufacturers.

In October 2015, AE reported the results of energy consumption and motor temperature testing for a 60 hp Marathon motor configured to duplicate the load and speed profile for a paper processing machine. Read the full report: AC Kinetics Variable Frequency Drive Transient Testing (60Hp)

The data in the December 2014 report shows energy savings of almost 70% on a 5 hp motor and just under 40% for a 50 hp motor during transient speed and loading conditions. Read the full report: “AC Kinetics Variable Frequency Drive Comparative Transient Inertial Testing”