AC Kinetics Nonlinear Optimization (NLO) Technology Overview

AC Kinetics developed a proprietary nonlinear optimization software technology that can be used to optimize time-varying dynamic systems. These systems include electromechanical, agricultural, chemical, economic, process control, corporate operations, etc.

NLO can be used to further enhance manufacturing and operational excellence, and contribute to aggressive profit growth targets. Additionally, NLO can be used in the creation of commercially viable disruptive products and services. The economic benefits to be gained from applying NLO to various systems include energy reduction, faster processes, improved quality, and increased reliability.

The benefits of NLO are best suited to large-scale and/or dynamically complex systems with many interactions. AC Kinetics has already proven the value of this methodology by developing a new variable-speed drive (VSD) control algorithm for AC induction motors, which is in the process of commercialization.

The AC Kinetics Process

The AC Kinetics NLO methodology consists of the following steps:




AC Kinetics’ technology represents a breakthrough in non-linear optimization technology.  VFDs equipped with AC Kinetics software enable motors to operate more efficiently, consume less energy and produce less heat — regardless of whether the motor is operating under a highly variable load or in steady-state, regardless of the size of the motor, and regardless of the motor application. Read more ...